Why you shouldn’t put Stopping Power on every Warzone weapon

Jacob Hale
Warzone stopping power rounds

Stopping Power rounds can be an absolute game-changer in Warzone thanks to the increased damage they provide — but you might want to think twice next time you use the Modern Warfare Field Upgrade.

In Warzone, Field Upgrades you pick up can make or break your game. A trophy system could save your car from being blown up as you make way to zone, while a well-timed use of Dead Silence can help you wipe that squad of roof campers that have been bugging you.

Stopping Power rounds, though, might just take the cake. Offering bolstered damage on each bullet you fire, Stopping Power lets you absolutely annihilate people much quicker than you usually would.

But the upgrade might not always be as helpful as you think, and next time you pick it up you may want to think twice about applying it straight away.

Warzone Stadium players shooting helicopter
Stopping Power might actually be detrimental in certain situations.

As YouTuber JGOD explains in his July 30 upload, there are times when Stopping Power might actually be detrimental to your gameplay.

In the video, he explains that Stopping Power actually makes guns recoil considerably more, showing side-by-side comparisons with the likes of the Bruen MK9 and the P90, and it is almost absurd to see how much it can make your weapon kick.

That’s why, he explains, you probably don’t want to use it in ranged gunfights, so it would be worth avoiding using on your favored Bruen or Grau, simply because you won’t be getting all the benefits of Stopping Power unless you’re fighting close-quarters — where these weapons don’t typically excel, anyway.

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So, by the looks of it, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to using Stopping Power on certain weapons. Shotguns, such as this “overpowered” Origin 12 loadout, will benefit from Stopping Power much more than your standard Bruen or Kilo thanks to the range differences.

For that reason, you might be better off putting Stopping Power on your close-range weapons, especially if you like to carry an SMG like the MP7 or Striker 45, which already has good recoil control.

Obviously, Stopping Power will be beneficial more often than not, that’s no secret. But if you’re really looking to maximise your use of it, you might want to watch JGOD’s video and figure out how you can better incorporate Stopping Power into your Warzone gameplay.