Warzone Origin 12 loadout makes underrated shotgun “overpowered”

Daniel Cleary
Warzone player reloading Origin 12

The Origin-12 shotgun is starting to rise in popularity in Warzone, and Call of Duty YouTuber Jack ‘jackfrags’ Mason revealed a new loadout for the weapon, which can shred through enemies at close range.

Since the launch of Warzone on March 10, shotguns have been completely avoided by most. This is because their overall versatility is poor compared to weapons in other classes, namely SMGs.

However, the Origin 12 shotgun is now making a rise in Warzone. Popular content creator jackfrags has shared a custom loadout build that can compete with some of the top weapons in the game.

Modern warfare origin 12 screen
Jackfrags “overpowered” Origin 12 Loadout

Jackfrags’ Origin 12 Warzone loadout

  • Choke
  • FORGE TAC Impaler
  • 5mW Laser
  • No Stock
  • 12 Round Mags

This loadout is designed for quickly dishing out damage in close-range gunfights. The FORGE TAC Impaler barrel and Muzzle Choke will significantly improve damage range, while also tightening the spread of pellets. This allows you to deal massive burst damage up close if you can hit your shots.

Having ‘No Stock’ and a 5mW Laser on the Origin 12 will negate the movement speed nerfs that some of the former attachments come along with. This will allow you to quickly strafe in tight spaces while remaining accurate.

Finally, the 12 Round Mags are a must-have for this semi-auto shotgun and its default high fire rate, as they can help you chain a few kills together without constantly needing to reload.

“I’m not joking but the Origin 12 is my new favorite gun in the game” jackfrags explained in his July 28 video, before revealing his “overpowered” loadout. “This is my build, I think it works great up close.”

The sudden rise of the Origin 12 in recent days even caused some suspicion, with some Warzone players questioning if Infinity Ward had stealth buffed the weapon without them knowing.

However, while this does not seem to be the case, more and more players are starting to equip the shotgun, alongside a long-range weapon, to help clear out areas like Downtown Verdansk.