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When is CoD: Mobile Season 7? June update delayed

Published: 3/Jun/2020 13:07

by Calum Patterson


Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 7 has officially been delayed, alongside Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4. Players will have to wait a bit longer for the big June update, set to include some major changes.

The CoD Mobile team announced what would be coming to devices in the June update back on May 29, confirming it would include map changes in battle royale, the addition of Kill Confirmed, and more.

However, due to ongoing unrest around the world, Activision announced on June 1 that both CoD: Mobile Season 7 and Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 4 would be pushed back.

This came as a surprise to some, but wasn’t totally without precedent, as Sony also delayed their highly anticipated PS5 reveal event, which was due on June 4.


CoD: Mobile Season 7 didn’t actually have a precise launch date before the delay, though, whereas Modern Warfare Season 4 had been confirmed for June 3.

When is CoD: Mobile Season 7 releasing?

Previously, the CoD: Mobile team said “we aren’t ready to give out exact dates yet for the new update is safe to say you’ll probably be seeing something somewhere around June 4.”

Now that the Season has been delayed, we can expect it to be at least a week later than this, possibly even two. That means some possible dates include Thursday, June 11 or Thursday, June 18.

The latest event mode, Gun Game Team Fight, is scheduled to end on June 4, which was then expected to immediately turn into Season 4 — but it’s unclear now if anything new will be added at all.


Tunisia map in CoD mobile
Tunisia is the newest map coming to CoD: Mobile.

New ranked mode season?

A new ranked mode season was also due to start in “early June.” It’s unclear whether this will also be delayed alongside Season 7, but it looks increasingly like this will be the case.

This also means no one knows what will happen with ranked matches in the meantime, as everything is currently up in the air.

What’s coming in CoD: Mobile Season 7

Although we now have to wait longer, here’s what we know will be included when the update finally arrives.

  • Kill Confirmed (plus more new modes)
  • Battle Royale Map expansion
  • New Map Tunisia
  • HBR for free

The main attraction for most players will be the new areas coming to the Battle Royale map, which will include “interactive areas to utilize, new enemies to find, and new vehicles to master.”


For now though, players will simply have to be patient for the new update to come, while there are more important issues taking the spotlight.