What is Warzone’s Veteruns event? How to claim free rewards just by running

Brad Norton
Warzone Veteruns event

Warzone’s new Veteruns event supports the Call of Duty Endowment program, allowing players to effortlessly contribute up to $1 million just by running around in the CoD Battle Royale.

Since 2009 the charitable Call of Duty Endowment program has helped tens of thousands of veterans find stable employment across the United States and the United Kingdom.

While various cosmetic bundles have helped generate revenue for the program in recent years, a new in-game event has just been announced to help drive a $1 million donation. 

Simply by playing Warzone across the next week, players can directly contribute to the cause and even earn some goodies for doing so. Here’s how it all works.

What is the Veteruns event in Warzone?

The first of its kind Veteruns event in Warzone highlights the Call of Duty Endowment program in a new way. Described as an “in-game charity race,” players are able to support the cause by running in the CoD BR.

From Thursday, May 26 through to Friday, June 3, you can add to Activision’s next big donation. For every 10km you run in Warzone, $1 goes towards a $1 million payout to help find jobs for veterans in need. 

Up to $10 per player can be earned by running, and doing so will even unlock a few rewards along the way. More on that below.

Free Warzone rewards during Veteruns event

Just by opting into the Veteruns event through the Call of Duty Endowment site, you can unlock some exclusive rewards. By logging in with your CoD account and joining the event, three unique Calling Cards can be unlocked.

Warzone Veteruns rewards
A full look at the rewards on offer during the Veteruns event.

All you need to do is run in Warzone. That’s all there is to it. Running a set distance of 100kms in-game will have three distinct Veteruns Calling Cards added to your account.

  • 25km – Veteruns Bronze Calling Card
  • 50km – Veteruns Silver Calling Card
  • 100km – Veteruns Gold Calling Card

If you happen to go above and beyond those requirements, there’s even a chance you make it onto the Veteruns event leaderboard.

The top 100 players with the longest-distance run over the week will be on display for all to see.