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What CDL New York could look like if Modern Warfare GAs are ignored

Published: 9/Jul/2020 8:37

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty League ‘Gentlemen’s Agreements’ have been extremely divisive among teams since the latest Modern Warfare update. While a wide array of mechanics and guns have been restricted, some haven’t complied. With the New York Home Series just days away, here’s how things could look if teams fail to reach a middle ground.

Since the release of Infinity Ward’s latest title, the highest level of competitive play has seen certain elements restricted. Various weapons and attachments have been off-limits, certain equipment has been a no-go, and even some movement mechanics have been deemed unfair and pulled from play.

Activision doesn’t enforce these restrictions through the League itself, however; these are simply agreements between players at the top of the competitive scene.

While Modern Warfare maintained a rather similar meta for the first few months of action – with the MP5 reigning supreme – a June 29 patch shook things up. As new equipment now rises to the top, pros quickly looked to establish new GAs, much to the chagrin of a few veterans.

There are two options for teams in the League. Either comply with the list voted on by the majority of players, or be blacklisted from all forms of practice. Atlanta FaZe has already fallen into this position after refusing to play with the latest set of GAs. Practice is one thing, but what could the New York Home Series look like if certain teams ignore the unofficial rules?

How messy could CDL New York get?

Call of Duty League Atlanta Faze competing on stage
Call of Duty League
Atlanta leads in the CDL standings, but will they lead by example ignoring GAs?

Kicking off on July 10, eight of the League’s 12 teams will be in action for the third last Home Series of the regular season. Among those competing will be none other than the FaZe lineup that currently sits atop the CDL standings. Their first match will be against the lowest-ranked team in the Los Angeles Guerillas.

This is a crucial showdown as the GA dispute largely stems from lower placed teams looking to offset the meta and destabilize teams at the top. At least that’s the case according to Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, who demanded a change to the system on July 7.

If FaZe refuses to comply with the latest set of GAs from their very first matchup of the event, it could set the standard for the rest of the tournament. Based on their recent struggles to find solid practice, it certainly appears as though they will be competing without care for the new restrictions.

This could set a trend and have others following suit shortly after. Seattle Surge’s Ted ‘TeddyRecKs’ Kim is confident things are “going to get spicy” at the event.

“I’m not even talking about just Atlanta,” he said during a July 8 Twitch stream. “Seattle doesn’t play this event so I’m not talking about Seattle. But there is a team that’s not going to abide GAs, I know that for a fact.”

There’s no telling how many teams will play by their own rules instead of following the majority. But it appears evident that FaZe will not be alone this weekend.

With just three events left until the playoffs, and more cash up for grabs at this year’s Champs event than any year prior, things could get heated. But just how different might Modern Warfare look with certain teams refusing to play with GAs in mind? Let’s take a look.

How will Modern Warfare hold up without GAs in place?

Modern Warfare AUG
Infinity Ward
The AUG has quickly become the most-used SMG in Modern Warfare.

The most discussed weapon since the June 29 patch has undoubtedly been the AUG. This powerful SMG quickly rose to the top spot following nerfs to the MP5. It’s capable of wiping enemies out in just a split moment, leading many to believe it should be plucked from competitive play.

However, this mindset isn’t universal. Many pros, including the FaZe lineup, have been practicing with the AUG nonstop. Therefore, it’s likely we see it in use throughout their series with the Guerillas. 

While the AUG has been a point of focus lately, how far can things go without GAs? Well, one of the most controversial aspects of any Call of Duty release is ‘snaking.’ Pros were even concerned about snaking in Modern Warfare prior to its release. It’s one of few movement mechanics that have been on the list for quite some time.

When done correctly, player models can go prone and quickly rise to their feet, nearly turning invulnerable in the process when behind cover. Unsurprisingly, it’s considered a cheap tactic and has never been popular among the pro scene. While teams going against GAs could technically use the exploit, it’s fairly likely we still won’t see any form of snaking.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare combat
Infinity Ward
Snaking can make you a near-impossible target to hit while behind cover.

Another point of contention in Modern Warfare is smoke grenades. They’ve been out of the competitive scene for months for good reason.

While they drastically change up the state of Search and Destroy, they also have a negative effect on the broadcast. With multiple smokes coming from every player in the lobby, each round can be a blur to follow. This was the case when Modern Warfare first released.

Similar to snaking, it’s likely that all teams follow suit with this piece of equipment and keep it out of the meta. Though it wouldn’t be too big a surprise if a team pulled out smoke grenades towards the end of a map just to add insult to injury.

Modern Warfare smoke grenades
Infinity Ward
Smoke Grenades could technically make an appearance in the New York Home Series.

Ultimately, the AUG is the most likely candidate to make it through to game day on July 10. While eight teams are clearly against the weapon, others are carrying on with the SMG in play. Beyond this talking point, most GAs have been unanimous for quite some time.

Therefore, Modern Warfare likely won’t appear all too different at the elite level of competition. But a few surprises could certainly make it through on the day. Keep your eyes peeled for players going against the grain. The final events of the inaugural CDL season, including Champs, could certainly get heated.

When it comes down to the wire during the New York Home Series though, expect to see angry posts across social media if teams do actually follow through in official matches.

Call of Duty

NICKMERCS rates the best Warzone players from to Scump to HusKerrs

Published: 24/Oct/2020 1:06

by Theo Salaun


Tasked with drafting a team for a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament, NICKMERCS went through some of the game’s biggest names, ranking them while determining who he would most want to duo with.

To start Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards’ $10,000 “Cracked Creators” Warzone tournament, 16 creators were tasked with drafting their duo from 16 “cracked” streamers.

As one of the creators allowed to select their tandem, NICKMERCS sifted through 16 of the game’s best to determine who he would prefer to play with.

Ultimately, the FaZe streamer ended up putting his decision to a poll among his fans. But, before doing so, he originally went through all 16 and gave thoughts on how each of them ranks. And the options were varied, but all shared one thing in common: talent.

With professional Call of Duty League players like Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner available, as well as Warzone streamers like Aydan and HusKerrs, the candidates were excellent. Still, NICKMERCS sifted through and broke down who he truly believes ranks as the battle royale’s best.

Segment begins at 00:20:45.

NICKMERCS starts by going through the list and just expressing what an absolute struggle it will be to pick from such a talented crop of peers: “Oh, it’s going to be so hard to pick man … No matter what, everybody that I would pick from is cracked.” But, after going through and complimenting practically everybody, he starts the process of elimination.

Since Nick chooses second after DrDisrespect, he immediately eliminates Zlaner as Doc’s likely first pick. Then, he eliminates JoeWo with two simple reasons: “I’ve never played with him and every time I play against him, I beat that little ass.”

Then, BobbyPoff is gone: “BobbyPoff, I love the guy, but take him off the list.” And the “Scarf Lord” is followed quickly by the Chicago Huntsmen’s FormaL and Scump: “Love ‘em, love ‘em. But I feel like there’s better BR players.” After that, things start getting complicated.

Cracked Creators Warzone
The list of “cracked” players in Hitch’s Cracked Creators Warzone tournament.

Similar to Zlaner, Nick decides to sacrifice Merk so that he can play with his longtime duo, Maven. Then, recognizing that all of these remaining players are absolute menaces on Verdansk, he goes with two simple metrics to determine his personal preference. He immediately prioritizes controller players and the highest earners in Warzone tournaments.

That eliminates stars like HusKerrs and Symfuhny for their mouse and keyboard usage, while also eliminating Crowder and DougIsRaw for their low earnings. Finally, he eliminates Jukeyz because of his struggles understanding the UK maestro’s accent and decides to put the decision to a poll.


Ultimately, it’s between Aydan and Tommey, with Cloakzy popping on to let NICKMERCS know that Aydan’s been playing some Fortnite recently. That leaves the FaZe star choosing Tommey, noting that “he’s got great communication, phenomenal player, guaranteed to get some chopper kills off rip.”

Despite going through full rankings for his options and landing upon an excellent duo, the decision-making process proved to be futile. NICKMERCS and Tommey could only end in the Top 12 for the tournament, while the easily dismissed BobbyPoff actually came in first place.