Best close-range Warzone loadouts to replace MP-40 meta

call of duty warzone pacific mp40 loadout type 100 loadoutActivision

In the Call of Duty: Warzone mid-season patch, the MP-40 meta is expected to be nerfed. If so, there are some interesting SMG and close-range builds that could replace the beloved close-quarters behemoth.

The MP-40 quickly rose to the top of the Warzone Pacific ladder. It’s no surprise it ranks as the most-used gun in the game, as its ground loot version is deadly and its loadouts wreak even more havoc

Its time in the sun may be coming to an end, though, as January 7’s update promised nerfs to the Bren and MP-40 meta in the “near future.” We’ve already covered the guns that could replace the Bren, but there are some candidates to fill the MP-40’s void as well.

With a close-range gun, you typically want mobility and high damage, with firing rate, magazine size, and recoil control all also considered (in that order of importance). Here are the guns that might fit the bill.

Best Warzone SMG loadouts to replace MP-40: Type 100, PPSh, Owen Gun

Swagg Type 100 WarzoneTreyarch/Activision
Swagg’s already brought the Type 100 out into Caldera.

Three Warzone SMGs stand out as the best options to take up the MP-40’s mantle: the Type 100, PPSh, and Owen Gun. Each plays a little differently but has the right blend of damage, firing rate, and mobility to put in work.

The Type 100 loadout might be the most versatile option, with the ability to prioritize either damage or magazine size depending on personal preference. The PPSh loadout, by contrast, has a very specific, very deadly hipfire build – which has already become popular for its ludicrous highlight plays.

Lastly, the Owen Gun loadout is getting some attention, as it has better recoil than the others. You can build this option out to outgun enemies in the intermediate ranges, giving it some interesting potential.

Other Warzone close-range loadouts to replace MP-40: Sten, AS44, more

Swagg AS44Activision / Swagg
This hipfire AS44 loadout has already earned some fans in the community.

Of course, you can’t limit the replacements to just three and there are some other options which could come into play. For SMGs, the two that jump to mind are the Sten and Welgun. Some non-SMGs, like the AS44 and Einhorn Revolving Shotgun, also deserve consideration.

The Sten loadout feels about average at everything, but players are giving it some love on social media – so we’ll have to see. The Welgun, introduced in Vanguard’s Season 1.5 patch, got a JGOD shoutout, meaning it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Past those, a close-quarters build of an AS44 loadout is intriguing, as streamers like Swagg have already demonstrated its hipfire lethality. The notorious Einhorn Revolving Shotgun loadout also gets a nod here, as it wasn’t nerfed and everyone knows how good shotguns can be in Warzone.

While these guns are all good options to keep in mind, who knows what the mid-season patch will change. Depending on any additional adjustments, different close-quarters weapons may rise or fall out of consideration.