Warzone’s Gasoline Can is perfect counter for zipline campers

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone's Gasoline Can is perfect counter for zipline campers

There’s no worse feeling in Warzone than flying up a zipline and dying to a camper, but the new Gasoline Can could actually be the perfect counter to players who opt for such tactics.

Warzone players were greeted with Caldera on December 8, bringing with it came over 40 weapons, new items, and more.

One of the new items included a Gasoline Can which can be lit on fire and thrown at enemies as a unique way to kill them. It is an homage to the Thermite Grenades and Molotov Cocktails we’ve seen in plenty of past CoD titles.

Warzone Gas Can
Warzone players can use Gasoline Cans to clear out areas.

Warzone players discover perfect way to counter campers 

Another way players can use them is lighting them and sending them soaring up ziplines, creating a cheeky counter to campers or players who are simply positioned at the top of the ziplines.

This Reddit post by ‘UnusualGenePool’ displays one of the best ways to use this new gas can item to clear out ziplines before ascending.

In the clip, the player can be seen lighting the can on fire and then sending it up to explode at the top of the zipline. Even though they didn’t get a kill, it is an extremely helpful tool that players can use.

It allows people to clear the top before even going up, making it considerably safer to hit a zip. However, the blast radius isn’t enormous so it only clears the immediate area that it takes you up.

While people are still learning new things on the Warzone Pacific map, you might want to take advantage of this trick along as it can certainly reduce the likelihood of a zipline trip resulting in swift elimination.