Warzone fans still want Apex Legends feature following Caldera update

Connor Bennett
Warzone chartacter pointing MP40 at enemy

Call of Duty: Warzone players are still urging the developers to bring in some sort of firing range or practice mode so that they can get to grips with new weapons after some expected it to come with Caldera.

Even though Call of Duty: Warzone is almost two-years-old, there are plenty of features and changes that players are still hopeful of seeing being brought to the battle royale.

These changes range from the big – with console players still desperate for an FOV slider – to the smaller quality of life changes that would help things run a little smoother for everyone.

One of the most requested features has been a training mode or firing range, which has been in Call of Duty multiplayer before, and has been used by other battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Even though it hasn’t launched yet, fans are still hopeful their calls will get through.

Warzone CoD WW2 firing range
Warzone players have been after a firing range practice mode for quite some time.

Warzone players want practice mode

With the launch of Caldera, plenty of players have reignited the calls for a training mode, especially with so many new weapons and items being added through the Vanguard integration.

One Redditor, KeyKing7, claimed it was more important to the battle royale than adding an FOV slider.” With the influx of new guns and the unusual recoil patterns that Vanguard guns have, it’s the best time to introduce a separate mode simply to try out guns and all of the different attachments,” they said.

While many didn’t agree with that necessarily, they do want a firing range to test things out. “A gun range that has targets with the same health as players would be so good,” said one player. “A gun range is very much overdue and I am not sure why they haven’t implemented it yet?” added The_Guvnor_UK. “F**king PUBG has a gun range but Warzone doesn’t?” quizzed another.

Some players noted that if you want to test things out in a real game setting, Plunder is your best bet, but there are some who would rather learn a weapon without worrying about disruption.

The introduction of a practice mode would be a pretty sizable change, and would likely take time away from changing up Caldera, so we’ll have to keep waiting to see if anything happens.