Warzone Type 63 and DMR ammo spawns are bugged and players want a fix

Jaret Kappelman

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded is upon us and with it came a lot of weapon balancing. Off-meta weapons like the Type 63 and DMR have seen a rise in popularity. However, players want a change to the game’s coding that is dropping sniper ammo for these guns.

Ground loot is one of the most important aspects of Warzone, as it allows you to get some early kills and earn cash for a Loadout Drop.

With a variety of guns that can spawn, each can serve a different purpose. With a recent shift in the meta for close and long-range weapons, the Type 63 and DMR are making some noise.

While certain guns are more viable than others, players are really upset that they can’t even find ammo for certain weapons, as the game doesn’t give it to them.

Player fighting in Warzone.
Players want the ground loot changed for the Type 63 and DMR as it drops the wrong ammo.

Warzone players want bugged ammo drops fixed 

Since the Season 5 Reloaded update, players have been trying out new SMG style Type 63 and DMR loadouts. These two guns are being used as submachine guns as they have insane TTKs up close.

The DMR was so busted that it was immediately nerfed following the update. Now, players are upset with a coding issue in the game. When finding these two weapons on the floor it seems that only sniper ammo spawns with it.

In a Reddit thread by user tryingtoodthc, players point out that this has been an ongoing issue for a while. With these guns seeing an increase in popularity, the community wants to know why they aren’t dropping the ammo type that the guns use.

One person notes that these guns are coded as snipers and when the weapons are pinged in-game its says, “Sniper rifle here.

While both of these weapons are listed as tactical rifles in the gunsmith, they are coded as snipers in the game, resulting in that type of ammo dropping. Other players voiced their frustrations over this annoying bug, claiming that the.

There has been no word of Activision being aware of this issue or working on a fix, we will keep you updated if the devs decide to change this.

While this can be extremely frustrating for players, there should be enough assault rifle ammo around Verdansk that players can scoop up. If players are in need of ammo they can get some from a buy station, just make sure to have an AR equipped when getting the ammo.