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Warzone devs “fix” stuns for mouse and keyboard players

Published: 11/Sep/2021 19:55

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone Season 5 Reloaded has finally arrived bringing tons of changes to the game. With PC players constantly complaining about stuns being overpowered with no counterplay it appears the devs may have secretly nerfed this tactical.

Tacticals play a huge role in Warzone games. These can give players a huge advantage when pushing a team.

While these can provide a huge advantage for using them, finding yourself on the other side can be quite frustrating. So much that players have been asking for nerfs and calling them “OP.

With all the complaints and comments on these recently, it appears that the devs have been listening and have made an improvement for players that get stunned.


Warzone Stuns
Stuns have been considered to be overpowered” and really good against mouse and keyboard players.

Warzone update fixes stuns for PC players

For Warzone players using a Mouse & Keyboard on PC, there have been complaints that there is no counterplay to getting stunned. Players would not be able to move and it lasts forever.

In a recent Twitter clip posted by Warzone creator IceManIsaac, shows off how this new change is benefiting M&K players.

Previously, mouse and keyboard players that were stunned would not be able to move at all and aim anywhere other than where they already were. With this change, IceManIsaac said he can move a lot more than before, allowing these players to actually have a chance in gunfights.


While this is a step in the right direction, IceManIsaac referred people to a clip of Warzone player Almond, and how he was able to fry another player while stunned.

In this clip, Almond was stunned but he was still able to absolutely smoke his opponent. Many people think he was only able to get this kill because of aim assist, something that only controller players have access to. M&K players are asking to be able to react to stuns the same way controller players can.

Even though this new update makes it better for mouse and keyboard players after being stunned, there will always be a debate on controller versus M&K but Warzone devs are trying to balance out the two and make them fair.