JGOD claims Warzone’s deadly SMG Type 63 is the new “FAL 2.0”

James Busby. Last updated: Sep 02, 2021
JGOD Type 63 loadout

Call of Duty content creator JGOD has revealed his SMG-style Type 63 loadout that absolutely shreds in Warzone. 

The Type 63 may officially be categorized as a Tactical Rifle, but one of the most popular builds converts this deadly rifle into an SMG. Those familiar with the Cold War weapon will know just how potent it can be, but JGOD has taken the Type 63 to even greater heights. While it may not be a conventional secondary pick, this lethal loadout proves just how busted it can be. 

From a first glance, the Type 63 doesn’t appear to have a very fast fire rate. In fact, without the right attachments, it often gets outclassed by its full-auto competitors. However, when you utilize JGOD’s lightning-fast build, you’ll be downing enemy players before they can even react. 

JGOD’s Type 63 Warzone loadout

Type 63 Warzone loadout

  • Muzzle: Gru Silencer 
  • Barrel: 16.4 Titanium 
  • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight 
  • Stock: KGB Pad 
  • Rear Grip: GRU Elastic Wrap 

JGOD’sType 63 is built around enhancing the Type 63’s fire rate, making it an absolute monster in close-quarter scenarios. According to JGOD, this Type 63 loadout has a 22% Faster Rate of Fire when equipped with the 16.4” Titanium barrel, which gives it a whopping TTK of 432ms of up to 22m. 

The GRU Silencer also speeds up the gun’s bullet velocity, boosts damage range, adds vertical recoil control, and suppresses your shots. While you’ll predominantly be using this loadout in close quarters, the added damage range does help scenarios where you need the extra coverage.

Next up is the Tiger Team Spotlight and KGB pad. Both attachments help bolster mobility, adding to your movement speed and sprint to fire time. This effectively allows you to aggressively rush down your foes, maintaining constant pressure until they fall. 

Of course, you can always switch the KGB Pad if you prefer to use an optic. JGOD recommends using the Quickdot LED as the optic gives you an unobstructed view, making it extremely easy to land those all-important head and body shots. 

Rounding things off the bottom of the list is the GRU Elastic Wrap. Having a quick ADS speed is imperative for any close-range gun, especially when you wish to remain competitive against the current MAC-10 and Bullfrog loadouts. 

If you use this lethal loadout, you’ll be sure to dominate the competition. Whether Raven Software will nerf the Type 63 remains to be seen, so be sure to use it while it’s still powerful.