Warzone trick lets you land without pulling your parachute

Connor Bennett
Warzone character skydiving without a parachute

Call of Duty Warzone players have got a neat trick that allows them to land in certain places on Verdansk with needing to pull open their parachute. 

Ever since Warzone was released back in March, fans of the battle royale have been trying to find ways to get a leg up on their opponents. Be it through using different weapons, completing easter eggs to get free killstreaks, or abusing glitches, plenty of advantages have been found. 

One of the easiest tricks, at least that kill hungry players used for a while, is to dive into Verdansk while shooting a weapon. It can be a difficult one to balance the first time, because you’re falling headfirst, and trying to get kills – the ground comes at you pretty quickly.

Many players will try and pull their parachute as late as possible, giving them plenty of time to try and get kills in the sky. However, some players have gone one step further and found a way to avoid using the parachute altogether.

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Parachutes are usually a key part to Warzone games.

How to land in Warzone without a parachute

It comes from Reddit user Thexer0, who showed that if you’re dropping into Verdansk, you can actually land on different surfaces without the parachute.

While you should slam into the ground and need to be picked up, as the Redditor shows by using a Satellite dish, you can hit certain edges of items and land on your feet. With the dish, the player simply slides off the curved edge, and pulls out their starting pistol. 

As Thexer0 points out, it is something to use “at your own risk” given that, if it’s not on the correct surface, you will find yourself looking a bit stupid and needing help right away.

However, if you think it’s just a one-off lucky trick, well, you’d be wrong. Other players quickly noted that it’s worked for them too. 

“You can do it as well with some of the telephone/electrical towers,” said one. “It works on stones and stuff too. You gotta land on the edges, something around 45 degrees,” added another. 

Obviously, it’s not a trick that’s going to help everyone – and it might not even be all that useful, in terms of getting a win, to those that can master it. But it’s definitely a neat party trick for those that can pull it off.

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