Simple Warzone 2 trick lets you fly further & faster

Warzone 2 makes flying a necessity and this trick will help in a major way.Activision

Getting the most out of Warzone 2’s limited movement is imperative and this trick allows players to fly way farther and faster when using their parachute.

It’s well-known that Warzone 2’s movement is simplified in comparison to the slide-cancel fest that was the original game.

While WZ2 has several unique movement tricks to help make up that difference, knowing how to get the most out of the parachute is hugely important for maxing out an Operator’s pace.

The ‘Dive Chute’ mechanic can be an absolute life-saver and it’s unbelievably simple to add to the arsenal.

Warzone 2’s Dive Chute mechanic lets players fly further & faster

The mechanic combines the action of dolphin diving with pulling your parachute, which are two very simple inputs to chain together. The chute pull needs to happen as early as possible for maximum effect.

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The dive will not only extend the length of a player’s flight but also help them pull the parachute out faster by skipping the beginning of the animation.

Of course, this can only be done when jumping from heights where pulling a parachute is possible. However, as long as that benchmark is cleared it can be used in a ton of situations.

It can also be chained together with a bunny hop or two as demonstrated by the Call of Duty League’s LA Guerrillas in the video below.

As they explain, this can be even easier when enabling the “Inverted Slide Behavior” setting in Warzone 2’s gameplay option. Doing so will prioritize diving over sliding, meaning a simple tap of the crouch button will send an operator soaring forward even faster than before.

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This might not seem like a huge difference on the surface, but seeing as parachuting away from danger is one of the primary uses for flight in Warzone 2, it can be a game-changer for anyone who wants to speed up their gameplay.