Warzone TikTok goes viral as player begs others not to use Cooper Carbine

Theo Salaun
Activision / Pixabay

A Call of Duty: Warzone TikTok went viral as a player showcased some dominant Cooper Carbine gameplay while telling players they should absolutely not, under any circumstances, use the AR.

When you’re shooting at bad guys in Warzone, it’s fun to have a good gun. When the bad guys are shooting at you, it’s not so fun when they have a good gun.

So, in the spirit of having fun, TikTok user ‘itsjibb’ made a video asking people not to use the Cooper Carbine. His caption reads “DO NOT USE THIS GUN” and the first thing you hear in the video is also “do not use this gun.”

Then, you watch the gameplay, and… you can’t help but wonder if he’s just trying to keep the loadout to himself.

Viral Warzone TikTok says not to use Cooper Carbine loadout

As you can hear in the video, Jibb doesn’t want people using the Cooper. As he explains, “this is probably the worst gun in Vanguard so I definitely don’t recommend using it.” Going further, he says not to “waste your time leveling it up” and recommends the MP-40 instead.

As you can see in the video, his words don’t quite match the footage. The two Cooper loadouts, one close-range and one long-range, are both deadly – barely moving while beaming all sorts of enemies.

Warzone December 19 update: Cooper Carbine nerf, BAR changes, patch notes
The Cooper Carbine has become one of Warzone’s more-popular weapons.

In the end, Jibb does show the two Cooper Carbine loadouts they used. So, if you are interested in defying their request and testing the weapon out yourself, TikTok’s pause feature is your friend.

While the video went viral after being posted on December 12, the Cooper was adjusted in the Season 1.5 patch. JGOD doesn’t seem to think it was exactly buffed or nerfed, though, so it obviously still has real potential.

If you’re not quite sold on Jibb’s loadouts, though, you can feel free to check out Swagg’s Cooper class or our very own.