Warzone guru JGOD projects meta after mid-season patch’s buffs & nerfs

jgod call of duty warzone pacific gunsTwitter, @JGODYT / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s resident gun guru, JGOD, has simplified and explained all the buffs and nerfs in the mid-season update. For confused fans everywhere, the battle royale’s weapon analyst explained what’s changed and what that might mean for the meta.

There is no firing range in Warzone and it’s not exactly easy for players to test weapons out in the heat of battle. So, instead of struggling to parse through patch notes and figure out what means what, JGOD saves the day.

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The Warzone YouTuber is best known for giving out meta loadouts with each patch, but a new role has emerged. After Warzone’s mid-season patch notes proved confusing to players, JGOD decided to translate the information for confused players.

In a series of tweets, the gun guru broke down which guns were buffed or nerfed. Going further, he also elaborated on some of those changes and what that might mean for the meta moving forward.

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JGOD breaks down Warzone update buffs and nerfs

As JGOD recaps, five guns were buffed in the mid-season patch: the STG, BAR, Automaton, AS44, and NZ41. In contrast, four guns were nerfed: the Bren, MP40, Einhorn Revolving, and Double Barrel Shotgun. And, finally, one was adjusted: the Cooper Carbine.

In regards to what that truly means for the meta, there’s still more experimenting to do but JGOD does have some early reactions.

Warzone meta after Bren and MP-40 nerfs

For those worried about the MP-40, JGOD isn’t worried about its nerfs – saying that “they basically did nothing to it.” That doesn’t mean it’ll be meta, though, as he has also noted how good the new Welgun is.

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Speaking about the new SMG, compared to the MP-40, the YouTuber claimed that “it kills faster, easy to use, more ammo, and about the same rate of fire or faster.” That alone is enough reason to start leveling it up.

As for long-range weapons, all of the buffed ARs are in contention for the meta, but JGOD specified that the “AS44 could be huge.”