Warzone fans demand explanation from Biffle for viral “hacking” clips

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone fans demand explanation from Biffle for viral "hacking" clipsActivision / DiazBiffle / Pexels

Call of Duty: Warzone’s history with hackers makes it easy to suspect talented players of cheating. Biffle, one of the game’s best, is now feeling that heat as fans await answers after some suspicious clips went viral.

Warzone pro DiazBiffle has arguably been one of the best players in Warzone since the game was released. He’s found himself on Dexerto’s top 10 multiple times and even put on a show at the Baka WonderLAN.

However, with all of the success he’s had in the battle royale, the community has kept a keen eye on his gameplay for anything fishy.

While he had dealt with hackusations in the past, he cleared those relatively quick. But now, a clip from a January 12 stream has fans questioning everything.

Warzone fans seek answers after suspicious Biffle clips

The most recent clip in question can be seen above. Biffle is in a Quads game with his Baka Bros and Swagg when the suspicion struck.

While pursuing a gunfight, Biff slid out into the open, saw nothing, but when he shot his gun he picked up a few hitmakers. Swagg was mindblown by this and immediately said, “what was that? What was that, D?”

Biffle himself seemed a little surprised and laughed it off. “I don’t know where the f**k he is, to be honest.” A viewer in his chat didn’t waste any time to call his bluff, claiming he had “Magnetic bullets.”

2 juggernauts using miniguns in warzoneActivision
DiazBiffle is back in the hot seat after a couple of suspicious Warzone clips have surfaced.

Another person commented, “In .25x on the slow-mo you see the bullet hit the wall, definitely silent aim.” The community was quick to throw the star under the bus, unconvinced despite his performance on LAN.

There’s another clip that players have been digging up, too. This came from a Swagg reaction video posted on December 25 and the play is certainly an eye-opener.

In the clip, Biffle absolutely destroyed a player by tracking them through stairs and got the kill without seeing them. Stunned by the older play, Swagg wondered how he could even defend his teammate: “I can’t explain that I can’t… Like how do I defend that?”

At the time of writing this, Biffle hasn’t commented on the clips in question. All in all, this could all be an overreaction, as we know Warzone has invisible operator bugs or he could simply be that good at the game. But one thing is certain, the community won’t let it go until they know the truth.