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Warzone streamer ZLaner denies hacking accusations from “clickbait” YouTuber

Published: 18/Feb/2021 16:44

by Jacob Hale


Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane has quickly become one of the most prominent and talented Warzone streamers out there, and as hacking accusations run wild, he’s finally decided to address the “hackusations.”

The hacking issue is a horrible one in Warzone, with an insane number of players cheating their way to wins in Verdansk.

One of the more disheartening side effects of this is that legitimately good players and top streamers are also often accused of cheating, despite actually just being a top talent.

ZLaner has become one of those players, and after one “clickbait” YouTuber made a video on him accusing him of cheating, Lane has decided to put the allegations to bed once and for all.

ZLaner respond to Warzone hacking accusations
YouTube: ZLaner
ZLaner has responded to the accusations made against him.

In the first of a two-parter uploaded to his YouTube channel, ZLaner spends almost 40 minutes proving he’s not hacking, showing his PC programs and raw, unedited gameplay.

Saying that it’s in response to a recent “clickbait” video from someone who simply wants to create drama and use big names in the scene to get clicks, Lane clearly isn’t impressed.

He shows off his PC’s Task Manager, device manager, controller and USB settings and just about anything you could imagine to clear his name before launching into the gameplay, with a monitor and hand cam to prove his innocence.

For most, it’s clear that ZLaner and other top streamers aren’t cheating, they really are just that good. That said, there is a small and very loud minority who don’t believe anyone can naturally be that good.

Of course, many could say that as this is ZLaner’s video, he could simply be selective of the content that is shown and hide his hacks, though that doesn’t seem to be the case.

With a second part coming out, it’ll be interesting to see what Zack says of the unnamed “clickbait” YouTuber. If they really are simply trying to create drama like Lane says, it could be quite embarrassing for them.


Twitch ban 100 Thieves Warzone streamer Tommey

Published: 23/Feb/2021 17:41 Updated: 23/Feb/2021 17:45

by Bill Cooney


100 Thieves Warzone streamer Tommey has been handed a ban from Twitch and fans were scrambling to try and figure out the exact reason why.

Tommey is one of the most popular Warzone streamers out there playing under the 100 Thieves brand, but this wasn’t enough to save him from getting punished for a ToS violation by Twitch.

Out of nowhere on February 23, the 28-year-old received a 14-day ban on the platform for “releasing non-sensetive personal information on VOD,” according to what Tommey told Dexerto.

Responding to the ban on Twitter the streamer simply said “Well, this sucks?” with fans filling up the replies wondering when he’ll be back, and critiscising Twitch.


What kind of personal information Tommey released is currently unknown, but be sure to stick with Dexerto as we’ll be updating this story with more information as it becomes available.