Bizarre Warzone bug accidentally gives players wall hacks

Warzone wall hacksActivision

Cheating is one of the most controversial topics in Warzone, and now the game itself is handing out free wall hacks as a result of a head-scratching glitch.

There’s no downplaying the impact cheaters have had on Warzone. From aimbotters to wall hackers and everything in between, hackers have run rampant across Verdansk for many months.

Despite recent banwaves, hackers are still fairly prevalent throughout the game. While you might think you’ve encountered a cheater during a recent session, there’s actually a chance you bumped into a regular player that was gifted cheats instead.

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Without any third-party software, Warzone players can shockingly see enemies through walls. Not due to hacks and not with any malicious intent, but due to a confusing bug pertaining to the Gulag.

Upon loading into the Gulag on February 16, nothing seemed out of the ordinary for Reddit user ‘chinitotuchman.’ The moment their round began, however, and they were instantly handed a win.

“As soon as I loaded into the fight (but before it started) it flashed Gulag victory and I redeployed,” they explained. Now back in Veransk, they could see their intended Gulag opponent across the map.

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The enemy was outlined in red and clearly visible through walls. This led to an extremely easy kill as they peaked around a corner, no different from hackers who prey on clueless opposition. 

Given how cautious the enemy was, and that they returned fire almost immediately, it seems likely this bizarre Gulag bug worked both way. The two players spotted each other across the map and soon had their 1v1.

There’s no telling why this strange bug occurred nor how it can be replicated. The Gulag closing instantly is a rare occurrence but that’s not to say it’s the only issue.

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Warzone players recently loaded into the Gulag with their own powerful loadouts. Not only that, but others have been able to teleport in and out of the underground location.

The Gulag clearly isn’t perfect and this hack is just the latest in a long line of issues.

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