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Warzone streamer reveals must use attachments that completely eliminate recoil

Published: 21/Jan/2022 19:39 Updated: 21/Jan/2022 19:42

by Jaret Kappelman


Getting the least amount of recoil is essential when creating the perfect loadout in Call of Duty. Now, a Warzone streamer has revealed two attachments that are imperative to get rid of it for good.

When it comes to the meta in Warzone, the guns that usually fall into that category are ones that can put out good DPS, but more importantly, have the least amount of recoil as possible.

We have seen plenty integrations of “no recoil” loadouts throughout Warzone’s history. However, with Vanguard weapons it may be even easier than ever.

Warzone content creator Mats ‘P4wnyhof’ Karthage reveals which Vanguard-exclusive attachments are getting rid of kick.


Warzone streamer reveals “insane” attachments that minimizes recoil 

In a YouTube video P4wnyhof takes a look at the “Perk” attachment for Vanguard weapons and reveals why it is essential to help remove recoil.

The first attachment he tests is Hardscope as it improves accuracy after being ADS. While he is trying this out he realizes that the effects start immediately after aiming down sights. On top of that, without any other attachments the gun is extremely easy to control and has minimal kick.

However, this can only be put on certain weapons like the BAR, DP27, M1 Garand, and some others. This is why he looks at another attachment, Tight Grip, which improves accuracy while continuously firing.


The Cooper Carbine is a gun that can equip both of these weapon perks so P4wnyhof does one last test to see if one is better than the other. In another video, he breaks down both of these side by side and sees no difference in spray patterns.

YouTube: P4wnyhof
There is little to no difference in the recoil pattern of Hardscope (left) and Tight Grip (right).

Despite the near identical spray, he feels that Hardscope is the better option if you can pick it. “It does feel like Hardscope offers less visual recoil.”

Nonetheless, after looking at this research P4wnyhof came to the conclusion that you should always be using Hardscope or Tight Grip when possible as it eliminates “80% of recoil.”