NICKMERCS kicks off Warzone return stream in the worst way possible

NICKMERCS looking grumpy with YouTube and Warzone screens in backgroundYouTube: NICKMERCS

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff made his grand return to Warzone on January 20 and, while his viewers were excited to see him drop in on Caldera and start slaying his opponents, things didn’t quite go as intended.

Nick remains one of Twitch’s top stars, despite a slight drop in viewership following his switch to Apex Legends.

He was very vocal about his growing disdain for the Call of Duty battle royale hit, and has even hinted at trying to go pro in Apex, so his return came as quite a surprise.

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For any viewers expecting to see the NICKMERCS of Verdansk, however, things didn’t quite go as planned, and started with some seriously questionable play.

airfield POI in warzone pacificActivision
Nick hasn’t had much experience on Caldera so far.

Anybody that makes a habit of switching between different FPS games know how hard it can be to move from one to another when you’ve taken some time away. Aiming feels different, it looks slightly unfamiliar and, overall, your gameplay just won’t be quite as good.

Nick experienced that first-hand as soon as he dropped into Caldera, too, much to his and his teammates’ dismay.

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After floating into Peak with Cloakzy, Teep and TimTheTatman, Nick flew down a ladder into the main building and immediately started his hunt for a weapon. He perhaps could have found one quicker but, when he finally got his hands on a pistol, he spun around and missed every single shot.

Despite Nick’s pleas to any nearby teammates to come to his rescue, nobody was able to, and he found himself in the Gulag way before he would have liked to.

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Even his venture into the Gulag was a bit too close for Nick’s liking, unable to get a proper location on his opponent and having to hop the flag as his shots didn’t do the damage needed to secure the kill.

Nick did keep on playing for a few more hours, and even said he was enjoying it at times, but don’t expect to see NICKMERCS on Warzone too often in the future.

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