Warzone star ZLaner hilariously betrayed by his own dad stream sniping

Jaret Kappelman
ZLaner stream sniped by own dad

Warzone star ZLaner thought he was just in another normal lobby when things took a hilarious turn after he learned his own dad stream sniped him.

Stream sniping has been a major problem in Warzone since the game doesn’t have a proper system in play for content creators to hide from trolls.

While this is frowned upon by pretty much every streamer, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get stream sniped by someone you love?

Well, that was the case for ZLaner as his own father decided to go stealth mode and match up against his son.

ZLaner stream sniped by own dad in Warzone

In a clip on February 13, ZLaner posted an interaction with his dad while playing Warzone. Sitting in the pregame lobby, his dad said: “I’m actually trying to stream snipe you and I think I’m in your lobby right now.”

His father offers up a challenge that Z couldn’t deny.

“I’ll meet you at Peak.” his dad, aka ‘PapaLaner,’ said with all the confidence in the world. “I’m going to get helicopter before you.”

Just like that, the race was on. As the game started ZLaner and his dad both raced toward the heli. Unfortunately, for the pro, his old man got the better end of him. Papa Z was the first to land and did exactly what he set out to do.

ZLaner on his Facebook stream.
ZLaner had a wholesome moment when his dad stream sniped him on Warzone.

In the death comms, the streamer has nothing but respect for his dad and even tells him “that was beautiful.”  With his mission accomplished, Z’s dad didn’t even need to play out the rest of the match. “Okay, I’m going to back out now, that’s all that matters.”

Even though people will tell you not to stream snipe, you can’t do anything but laugh at a wholesome moment between father and son.