Warzone devs finally respond to calls for streamer mode fixes

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Raven Software have finally responded to calls from Warzone players to fix the streamer mode setting in a bid to stop content creators being savaged by stream snipers and trolls. 

Just like with any other game, Warzone content creators do have to deal with constant stream snipers and trolls ruining their game just for a few seconds, or minutes, of fame. 

While Warzone has a streamer mode setting, there have been plenty of complaints about its effectiveness, with plenty of streamers saying it is flat out “broken” and doesn’t help one bit in matches. 

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There have been plenty of calls for Raven to fix the setting, with creators noting that it’s not that hard to do. So, the battle royale developers have finally spoken out about what they could do.

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Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

On May 13, NRG’s Joe ‘JoeWo’ Wohala again called on Raven to address the streamer mode in their next update as he believed it would help the “smoothness” of Warzone games. 

The developers fired back a few hours after his tweet, saying: “We’re listening. What kind of improvements would you ideally like to see to the current “Streamer Mode” setting? Best, a studio.”

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They also followed it up by asking 100 Thieves’ Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren if he had any ideas, seeing as he’s been at the forefront of making calls to get the setting fixed. 

Again, the former Call of Duty pro suggested a handful of changes, including the option to make it so streamers’ names are actually hidden in-game without having to blank out the whole lobby.

Others suggested that this might give hackers and cheaters more freedom to run riot, especially in tournaments, but that’s a bridge for Raven to cross when they get around to changes.

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