Warzone pro FaZe Kalei forced to take drastic action to combat stream snipers

Warzone pro FaZe Kalei forced to take drastic action to combat stream snipersActivision / Kalei

Streamer mode is a massive feature that Warzone players have been begging for, but since there isn’t one, FaZe Kalei is taking drastic measures to fight off stream snipers. 

Stream sniping has and will always be around but there are ways to control it and make it less of a problem.

When it comes to Warzone, streamers like Kalei can put themselves at a disadvantage by showing their location.

While the Warzone star still wants to broadcast and entertain her viewers, she said she will need to go through many unnecessary steps just to avoid people trying to ruin her game.

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FaZe Kalei claims to make alt accounts for Warzone tournaments

Kalei Warzone streamer modeTwitter: KaleiRennay
Warzone streamer, Kalei has a plan to fight stream snipers.

In a since-deleted tweet, Warzone pro Kalei said she is fed up with the stream sniping issue and will have to “use a whole different CoD account for tourneys.”

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Kalei was just minding her business playing Warzone on a January 8 broadcast, when she was repeatedly getting stream sniped over and over. This was the second time in a week it has been a huge problem for her.

Warzone does have a streamer mode in the game, but it doesn’t work how it should. Instead of blocking the streamer’s name from other players it only does it for that person’s screen.

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Warzone mounted weapon bugActivision
Warzone players are begging for a proper streamer mode.

This means that everyone else in the lobby can check the kill feed and see if a popular pro or streamer is in their game. Kalei also added, “delay or not once people realize they are in your game it’s GG.”

Players have brought this up in the past, and back in May of 2021 Raven Software claimed to be listening to feedback regarding this issue. Fast forward to January of 2022 and there still isn’t a proper streamer mode in Warzone.

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