Warzone Sep 23 update: Gallo nerfs, Krig buffs, Iron Trials changes, full patch notes

Warzone Sep 23 update Gallo nerfs, Krig buffs, Iron Trials changes, full patch notesActivision

The Warzone Season 5 Reloaded patch has been live for a couple of weeks and a new update is shaking things up with a nerf to the Bullfrog and Gallo while the Krig gets a buff. On top of this, there are lots of changes coming to the Iron Trials mode in the full September 23 patch notes.

The Warzone meta has been evolving throughout most of Season 5. With different weapons creeping into the popularity, some have become overpowered. Due to this, the devs have decided to nerf the Bullfrog and Gallo.

While these weapons have seen tons of use at the top level and normal play, the Krig 6 has fallen out of favor. That could be changing again as this weapon’s barrels are getting buffed making them more viable to control recoil.

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Also with Season 5 Reloaded came Iron Trials ‘84, a more competitive Warzone mode. This LTM has received a lot of praise from the community but it could become harder as new things are being added to buy stations, less cash rewarded for contracts, and more.

The September 23 update in Warzone nerfed the Gallo and Bullfrog while buffing the Krig 6 and changing some rules in Iron Trials ’84.

Warzone update nerfs Bullfrog & Gallo

The Bullfrog has been dominating Season 5 Reloaded as it is one of the most diverse SMGs in the game. However, with this update, the weapon is getting a heavy nerf to its ADS speed, along with its base movement speed and ADS movement speed.

Another weapon that has been extremely good is the Gallo shotgun. This gun won a player $100,000 in a single Warzone game, but others have been abusing its high damage for quite some time now. This nerf will now make the shotgun do a lot less damage from range, making it a great choice for up-close and personal gunplay. The AK-47, and XM4 also received nerfs but these weapons aren’t as popular right now.

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While these got nerfs, a popular AR is getting buffed. The Krig 6 has been one of Warzone’s best guns for a long time, as it has minimal recoil and high damage. This buff is increasing the recoil control on four of its barrels. The 19.7″ Takedown one that got buffed increasing in the horizontal recoil control by 1%.

These weapon changes can definitely shift the meta once again, as three widely used weapons are being changed.

Warzone Iron Trials ’84 changes

Warzone Iron TrialsActivision
Iron Trials is getting a huge overhaul with exclusive changes.

The new mode in Warzone, Iron Trials has been one of the community’s favorite LTM. This mode takes away the basics and makes things harder with more health and higher TTKs. With this update, there are lots of exclusive changes coming to this mode.

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Buy Stations are getting the Specialist Token which will give the players all of the perks. On top of this, they are changing the way discounts work making most of the items half off. Contracts will now give you less cash, making players want to think twice before picking one up.

There are more changes with the loot system, lowering the drop rates of Armor Satchels, Gas Masks, and Self Revives. Also, LMGs and Tactical Rifles have been removed from the Gulag but the RPD still remains a possibility.

This update is bringing a lot of changes to the game and we have the full patch notes from Warzone’s September 23 update here.

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Warzone September 23 Full Patch Notes

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