TimTheTatman puts ugly end to Warzone aim assist debate with hilarious controller fail

timthetatman on warzone controllerActivision/YouTube: TimTheTatman

The controller vs mouse and keyboard debate, ever a fiery one, has reared its head once again — this time in Warzone. With competitors on either side making their case for and against it, mouse and keyboard player TimTheTatman may have inadvertently proven his own camp wrong…

The debate has been one that’s gone on for years, and has only been exacerbated by the normalization of cross-play, allowing players on console and PC to compete against one another.

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The issue has been one increasingly debated in battle royale titles such as Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, with gripes on either side of the coin.

So, with so much discussion about the problem, TimTheTatman and Dr Disrespect took to Verdansk with controller pro ZLaner to find out just how overpowered it is — though it didn’t really work out that way.

call of duty warzone streamers whitelisted easy bot lobbiesActivision
Controller on PC is becoming more common by the day, especially in Warzone.

Both Tim and the Doc had several struggles after plugging their controllers in, from a lack of aim assist and Tim confused on how to slide cancel with a controller.

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It got worse, though. While things didn’t go drastically wrong, Tim took a gunfight and it didn’t go how he would have hoped at all.

He wasn’t in the greatest position as it is, but he pulled out an AR and whiffed his shots magnificently, spraying around his enemy’s head, letting the gun recoil whichever way it wants and overall just not putting on the best performance.

As ZLaner explains after Tim eventually dies, that clip alone can “end the feud of keyboard and mouse vs controller,” which would no doubt be a net benefit to gamers worldwide.

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Tim’s having a wildly successful 2021, joining YouTube Gaming and becoming part-owner of Complexity. He might be memed, but this clip probably won’t bother him too much.

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