Warzone Season 4 adds devastating Sequencer Grenade through Black Market Buy Stations

. 14 days ago

Warzone players can devastate the opposition in all-new ways on Fortune’s Keep as Black Market Buy Stations have introduced Sequencer Grenades to apply both visual and auditory debuffs.

With the arrival of Warzone’s mega-sized Season 4 update comes the fourth map in the battle royale’s brief history. As players drop into the new Fortune’s Keep, they’ll quickly notice some exclusive features not present in any other location.

Among these additions are Black Market Run Contracts, tasking you with reaching a special Black Market Buy Station in a set amount of time. In doing so, this off-the-books Buy Station variant offers up a range of extremely powerful items not available at your regular Buy Stations.

One such item is the new Sequencer Grenade that will leave your enemies reeling for multiple reasons. Here’s how it works along with how you can grab one for yourself.

How Sequencer Grenades work in Warzone Season 4

After throwing out the Sequencer Grenade in close proximity to a target, players will apply two key debuffs to the impacted foes. 

Not only will floating red numbers be flooding the screen, making it harder to focus, but audio will also be hindered, limiting their ability to hear nearby footsteps and lock onto your position.

Given the strength of this new equipment, the effects last for quite some time. In order to mitigate the afflictions, players need to use a Medical Syringe. Alternatively, to preemptively reduce its strength, the Battle Hardened Perk can help minimize the debuffs.

Here’s the full description from Raven:

  • Sequencer Grenade | 
    • This tactical grenade applies a visual distortion effect with floating red numbers on the victims screen, as well an auditory debuff.
    • Players can counter this effect via the Battle Hardened Perk or using a Stim.
    • Can only be acquired through the new Black Market Buy Station.

How to obtain Sequencer Grenades on Fortune’s Keep

Throughout Season 4, Sequencer Grenades can only be found on Fortune’s Keep. Thus, there’s no need to worry about them on Caldera or Rebirth Island.

While playing through a given match on the new Fortune’s Keep map, your goal is to pick up a Black Market Run Contract. From there, rush to the designated Black Market Buy Station before the timer runs out.

If successful, you’ll now have access to a number of top-tier weapons, Perks, and equipment, including Sequencer Grenades. 

Warzone Fortune's Keep gameplay
These Black Market Buy Stations provide access to Sequencer Grenades, Nebula V Miniguns, and plenty more.

It’s worth noting, however, once you access a Black Market Buy Station, it will remain open for all other players for a short while.

This can lend itself to some chaotic moments as other squads look to capitalize on your hard work. Be sure to prepare for a fight if you find yourself near one of these Buy Station variants.

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