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Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Warzone details: weapons, battle pass, more

Published: 11/Dec/2020 12:05 Updated: 11/Dec/2020 12:22

by Tanner Pierce


Despite still being a few days out from the start of Season 1, Activision have revealed more details about how Warzone will work once it’s integrated with Black Ops Cold War, including weapon balancing, the progression system and the battle pass.

If you’ve been curious as to just how Black Ops Cold War will integrate with the massively popular battle royale game Warzone, then you can wonder no more, as Activision has finally given players a deep dive into how it’ll all work and even what it’ll look like once live.

First and foremost, the main menu for Warzone looks almost identical to how it does currently, save for a few cosmetic differences that bring it more in-line with the Cold War theme. Just like before, players will be able to access different modes, their classes, operators, challenges, and more right from the main menu.


black ops cold war ak47 in warzone
For the first time ever, Warzone fans get to see what a Black Ops Cold War gun will look like in the battle royale’s Gunsmith screen.

As previously mentioned, players will be able to use their weapons and attachments from Black Ops Cold War. That being said, things have been slightly changed up for Warzone, as the weapons from BOCW have been “fine-tuned” to match the battle royale experience.

Black Ops Cold War weapon tuning for Warzone

While Actvision did not make it clear as to how extensive this ‘fine-tuning’ is, it would make sense that damage has probably been adjusted, since the BOCW and Modern Warfare have different time-to-kill (TTK) speeds.

At the time of writing, it remains unclear if BOCW’s guns will be allowed to mount in Warzone, since that mechanic does not exist in the Treyarch title.


New BOCW Warzone progression system

Activision have also revealed more about the new progression system coming to the game. As previously announced, it’s the same as the Black Ops Cold War system, however, players will still be able to complete all of their previous challenges from Warzone within the new one. So while your rank will reset, your challenges won’t.

Warzone players can track where they stand in the new progression system.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 battle pass in Warzone

Finally, the company also confirmed that, while the Season 1 battle pass will include content that usable in both games, the one exception is vehicle skins, due to the fact that BOCW doesn’t use the same vehicles as the battle royale title. To mitigate this, players will be able to unlock two skins in the battle pass when they come across a specific tier: one for BOCW and one for Warzone.


All in all, it seems like Warzone will still remain the same experience you know and love, while getting new content from Black Ops Cold War, which is pretty nice. The menu integration looks pretty seamless, so hopefully the gameplay is, too.