Warzone pro Skrapz gets satisfying revenge on player abusing wall glitch

Theo Salaun
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Activision / Call of Duty League

Former Call of Duty League pro and current Warzone streamer Skrapz got his revenge on a player abusing a wall-glitch exploit on Pacific and it is top-tier satisfying content. 

Warzone’s trip to the Pacific has undoubtedly been a bumpy ride. In the relocation to Caldera, bugs are forcing console players to consider retirement, employees are protesting, and fans are even upset about playlist changes.

Wall glitches or clipping exploits are nothing new for the battle royale, although they’ve become more notorious on the densely populated Rebirth Island than Caldera. Still, they exist on the tropical map too, and fair players can’t stand them.

Fortunately, there’s a hero in our midst who is willing to confront those who abuse these exploits. Former Paris Legion star Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall got killed by an exploiter, returned for his revenge, and made everyone’s day in the process.

Warzone pro shows how to kill players abusing wall glitch

In the clip, Skrapz is in the Gulag when a teammate asks where he got killed. After winning his freedom, he points out the spot – a tower in Airfield – noting that the enemy is “in the glitch … behind the wall, inside that.”

With revenge in his eyes, the former CDL pro goes straight down to the loot left by his corpse. Then, he starts slide-canceling around the opaque tower, trying to wall-bang it and kill the abuser he can’t see.

Securing hitmarkers, Skrapz evades bullets for long enough to down the exploiter. To cap it all off, he added a classic message for them: “Get f**king s**t on, bro.”

warzone rebirth island
While Rebirth Island is more notorious for wall glitches, Caldera doesn’t seem immune.

By the end, Skrapz had demonstrated precisely how to counter those who decide to abuse the Airfield wall glitch. Since the tower is so small, it’s relatively easier to outplay than some of the other exploits out there.

It seems that if you aim toward the center of the tower, you can wall bang through the windows and the lower wooden portion beneath them.

Hopefully, players will abuse the spot a little less now. As they’ve seen, you just might end up getting laughed at on Skrapz’s Twitter.