Warzone pro ZLaner wants a Black Ops 3 crossover to raise the “skill ceiling”

Warzone pro ZLaner wants a Black Ops 3 crossover to raise the "skill ceiling"Activision / ZLaner

As Warzone players continue to search for a way to make the battle royale more competitive, OpTic pro ZLaner thinks the game could use a Black Ops 3 crossover to raise the skill gap. 

Warzone has proven to be a competitive game and the Baka WonderLAN was a great glimpse at what could come in the scene.

However, some players still feel that with some RNG and how easy some weapons are to control their recoil, Warzone struggles to define a skill gap.

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This is why ZLaner thinks he has the perfect solution to combine Warzone’s gun skill with Black Ops 3’s movement to create an even more competitive environment.

ZLaner wants Warzone to adopt Black Ops 3 movement

In a tweet on January 2, ZLaner proposed the idea of bringing in a different movement system to Warzone which he thinks “the skill ceiling would be unreal.”

Black Ops 3 had a unique jetpack system where players could soar through the air, run on walls, and maximize their boost for “G-slides.”

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We have already seen jetpacks in a Call of Duty battle royale before. Back in Blackout, Treyarch had a LTM that brought the futuristic thrusters to the game.

Blackout was another Call of Duty battle royale that did feature jetpacks in a LTM.

If something like this is implemented into Warzone it would create another element that players need to master. Instead of just worrying about shooting enemies that are running in a straight line, you would now have to track people as they try to maneuver the skies.

However, ZLaner doesn’t think it would work on Caldera and would want a new map that is designed for this element. It’s not one of the most far-fetched ideas and could definitely establish a steep skill gap as this movement wouldn’t be easy to master and combine with gunfights.

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