Warzone exploit lets plays glitch inside elevators for free kills

Andrew Highton
warzone elevator animation

Despite Caldera being Warzone’s featured battle royale experience, many players still prefer Rebirth Island. The map has had a variety of game-breaking glitches in the past, and it now appears like it has a fresh wall glitch giving players easy XP.

It’s always going to be insanely difficult for Raven Software to keep on top of every problem in Call of Duty: Warzone. There are always going to be niggles and disruptions here and there, and Rebirth Island appears to be the latest casualty.

The condensed battle royale map has been exposed to wall glitches in the past, and now a new elevator exploit has struck. It allows enemy players to get inside the confines of the map, camp, and pick off innocent players trying to ascend up an elevator shaft in Rebirth.

warzone rebirth island
The new wall glitch means Rebirth Island is fraught with even more danger.

Winning in Caldera and Rebirth Island is hard enough without extraneous variables complicating matters. But that appears to be a case in Rebirth Island at present — as Reddit user zennlabs found out the hard way.

Until Raven addresses it, Rebirth players need to be aware of one particular elevator shaft as ascending it could lead to instant death. In zennlabs’ video, they showed their experience with the dreaded glitch.

After triggering the animation to ascend the shaft, they were mysteriously pelted with bullets about halfway through their journey. A constant stream of incendiary ammo led to our player’s death before they’d even had a chance to disembark the cable.

One of the top commenters quite simply called the glitching player out saying: “What kind of a loser glitches to camp in the elevator shaft…ON PLUNDER???”

Whilst these problems can turn up in Warzone, they don’t tend to stick around too long. So it’s highly likely that Raven will patch this wall glitch soon enough.