Warzone players want UAVs removed from Buy Stations again

Jacob Hale

Warzone players want to see another major change made to UAVs in the game, this time reverting back to when they weren’t available in Buy Stations, but only through Contracts instead.

Since Caldera launched at the tail end of 2021 with the Warzone Pacific update, and the integration of Vanguard into the game, developers Raven have trialed a number of different changes.

These changes have been met with different responses, with majority opposition to the loadout drop changes, but a lot of support for nerfing the number of Field Upgrades like Dead Silence available.

UAVs have been in an awkward place throughout the duration of Caldera, though, being removed from playlists, added in, priced up, and priced back down. And some players aren’t happy with where they’ve landed.

Warzone camper finds ultimate Caldera "rat spot" for easy kills
The UAV has undergone several changes since the Warzone Pacific update.

With Season 2 well underway now, certain players are calling for a revert to the UAV changes.

“The most fun me and my friends had in Caldera was during that run of VG Royale that removed the UAVs and had them tied to completing contracts,” said maxpowerphd.

“Without the constant UAVs we could dump the ghost perk and run other options which was a lot of fun. But now with the UAVs back I feel compelled to use ghost again … I think they were onto something with the UAV change and hope they bring it back or up the price on them again.”

While there were a number of different ideas shared in the comments of maxpower’s post, they were almost all in support of changing back or changing something in general.

Some said that they would like to see the price knocked back up to $9000, while others suggested removing UAVs and imitating the minimap ping from Resurgence in regular BR when you kill an opponent.

UAVs have undergone a number of changes in recent months, with different players liking each change, so it’s unclear where exactly Raven will settle with the UAV.

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