JGOD shows how “broken” Warzone scope turns C58 into an absolute laser

warzone c58 broken scope jgodTwitter, @JGODYT / Activision

When Warzone’s devs changed 42 guns in Season 4 Reloaded’s patch, many wondered where the meta would go. The C58 is an early winner and JGOD has shown why a “broken” attachment is making it so beastly.

The C58 got a fair amount of balance changes in the S4 update, including a nerf to its easily managed recoil. Understandably, most expected the gun to fall from its status as a top-two AR in Verdansk.

But players have been using a certain scope for the C58, noting that it felt much better than the traditional Axial Arms 3x. This scope, the Royal & Kross 4x, is used in popular loadouts by streamers like SuperEvan and Swagg.

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Now, YouTuber and Warzone analyst JGOD has shown why the C58 is still getting so much play at the top level. It turns out the scope doesn’t just feel better, it literally is better and gives players an incredibly easy recoil pattern.

As you can see in JGOD’s picture, the recoil pattern varies widely for the C58 depending on what scope you’re using. With a Reflex sight, the gun’s pattern is entirely vertical with a slight curve. With the Axial Arms 3x, it’s a tighter vertical spread with a slightly wider curve.

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With the Royal & Kross 4x? That thing barely moves upward. The pattern is basically a nudge upward followed by a nudge to the left and further upward. In total, the 4x’s recoil is seemingly twice as contained as the others.

suprevan c58 best warzone loadout classYouTube, SuperEvan
SuperEvan’s C58 class proudly rocks the Royal & Kross 4x.

The standard class for the C58 can be seen above, as the best loadout uses the Agency Suppressor, Task Force, 4x, Field Agent Grip, and typically the 55-round mag. While damage multipliers were nerfed on the gun, the scope’s “broken” recoil pattern still helps it remain a beast in Warzone.

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On the plus side for people who are sick of the C58 and, on the down side for people who are enjoying it, Raven Software seem to have realized that something is wrong.

The Warzone devs responded to JGOD and revealed that a fix for the attachment will be coming “very soon.” So if you wanted to use the blaster, hurry up before it gets patched.

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