Warzone players highlight key features Warzone 2 needs to copy

Joe Craven
Operators fighting on Caldera

Warzone fans have been outlining aspects of the CoD battle royale they want to carry over to Warzone 2 when it drops later in 2022, hoping Infinity Ward take note and implement popular features.

Warzone fans are consoling themselves with the fact that a sequel to the immensely popular battle royale has been confirmed, set to drop in late 2022 and echo many of the features that made the original so acclaimed.

However, players have now been getting into the details of features they believe must carry over to ensure Warzone 2 is as strong as possible.

Warzone features players demand in Warzone 2

One Redditor started the list by saying that they want to see near a identical loadout system. Players can build classes to their specifications before matches and, using Warzone’s clever monetary system, can access the exact loadouts they designed.

They compared it to Blackout, which forced players to loot random attachments and augment their weapons that way.

Another common demand was to keep the game’s inventory simple and easy to follow. One player said: “The reason I can’t get into games like Apex and PUBG is because I spend too much time on inventory and not enough time playing the game.”

A third demand related to movement, hoping that the game would take inspiration from 2019 Modern Warfare and its sequel, rather than Vanguard. Many players praised Infinity Ward for the fluid movement system their titles saw and hope to see it again in Warzone 2.

There were also some more tongue-in-cheek suggestions which, despite the upvotes they garnered, we can’t see the devs even contemplating. One, for instance, demanded that Riot Shields are removed “forever”.

Only time will tell the extent to which Warzone 2 emulates the first BR, but we can be certain that the devs will be eager to take feedback on board and ensure the player-base is content.