Warzone players jealous as Fortnite Chapter 5 update is ‘stealing’ them away

Shay Robson
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Fortnite’s new Chapter 5 update has made bored Warzone 2 players feel envious, while they claim Epic is “coming for blood.”

After a month of going back to its roots, Fortnite Chapter 5 finally arrived on December 3. The update introduced several new gameplay features, including weapon mods, boss fights, and a revamped movement system now allowing players to climb walls.

The community has taken issue with various changes, particularly demanding a revert to the “garbage” locker changes that arrived in Chapter 5 and the new “janky” movement.

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However, Warzone players are feeling envious over the new update, with them claiming Epic has taken a page out of Activision’s book to “steal” players.

Warzone players claim Fortnite is out “for blood” with Chapter 5 update

In a December 3 Reddit thread, one Warzone player kicked off a discussion around Fortnite’s Chapter 5 update, making note of the various new similarities between the two games.

“With the Chapter 5 update they brought weapon attachments and also a train in the game. The weapon attachments work just like they do with Warzone ground loot guns where the rarity is decided by the number of attachments the gun has (1 being lowest and 5 being highest),” they explained.

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“They also overhauled the movement so you can slide, slide cancel and mantle. With this and the zero build mode, I can’t help but feel like they’re trying to speak to Warzone players more.”

The played added: “I don’t know about you guys, but to me I feel like they’re trying to steal some Warzone players to go play Fortnite.”

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In the replies, others agreed that it was a golden opportunity for Fortnite to take some players away from Warzone, and admitted they couldn’t blame the Epic devs.

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“Considering that MWII/Warzone 2.0 has been overall weak, I can’t blame them for pouncing on an opportunity before the new, better Warzone map drops and overall gameplay overhaul happens with DLC Warfare 2.5,” said one.

“They’re coming for blood for sure,” wrote another. “I heard someone mention ‘blackout vibes’ but to me it definitely had a more [Warzone] feel with the POIs this season.”

Some even claimed that with the new Chapter 5 update, they’ll be giving Fortnite another try.

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“Looks like I might be going back to Fortnite,” one stated. However, while some will be testing with waters again with Epic’s battle royale, some believe Warzone will always be on top. “Fortnite’s good, but it will never be warzone. It’s so much better,” they said.

It’s fair to say the hype for Fortnite is back at a high, with Season OG giving the game a massive resurgence in popularity. While initially planned as a one-time celebration, its record-shattering success means we’ll be seeing it return in the future.

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