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Warzone’s Airport wall glitch is back for Season 5 and worse than ever

Published: 28/Sep/2021 0:13

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone has hundreds of landing spots, also called points of interest, where players can drop into Verdansk. One popular POI, Airport is being ruined (yet again) in Season 5 due to a glitch that allows players to get under the map.

Glitches have become all too familiar to Warzone players, as each season there tends to be a couple of game-breaking ones at certain drop spots.

While there are tons of different POIs in Verdansk, some see a lot more action than others. Airport is one of the largest landing spots in the game, thus creating a lot of chaos.

Back in 2020, Airport had an annoying wall exploit that was ruining games, fast forward to Season 5 and there’s a new one that is even worse.


Airport Warzone wall glitch
There is a wall glitch at Warzone POI Airport that is ruining games.

Warzone Airport wall glitch allows players under the map

The previous wall glitch allowed players to use a cargo truck and merge into a wall near Airport, blasting players without being seen. While this can be quite annoying, there was at least a chance to see where the bullets were coming from and run away, but now that’s not an option in this latest glitch.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘MarkC_belfast’ bears bad news for players that love to drop at Airport. There is now an exploit that is allowing players to get under the map and you can’t even figure out where the bullets are coming from.


Glitching under airport again from CODWarzone

From the clip, you can see that the player has gotten under the map and is roaming around, six feet under, killing a player above them.

The community did some digging and the player using this glitch is level 500 with a lot of wins, so it is unlikely that this is a hack but, instead, a bug that people are abusing.

This isn’t the first and certainly will not be the last time we see wall glitches but with Season 6 on the horizon, Airport lovers are praying for this one to get fixed as soon as possible.