Warzone cheaters are abusing under-the-map glitches to get easy wins again in Caldera

. 13 days ago
warzone pacific season 4 map

Warzone Pacific is under threat once more, this time from players exploiting the legendary ‘under-the-map’ glitch in Call of Duty which has made an unwelcome return.

Call of Duty: Warzone has, unfortunately, had to deal with a recurring instance of its maps having exploitable holes that allow players to sneak under the map and abuse these out-of-bounds spots. Verdansk was rife with the issue across its numerous seasons and Caldera has had its own problems with the Capital POI being exploited.

It’s been a quiet time the last few weeks with no discernable glitches ruining the game and players looking forward to Season 4, however, there is evidence that a map exploit is souring the experience of Caldera again.

Warzone caldera POI
You never know where trouble will strike in Warzone.

Warzone Pacific map glitch ruining games

If you’re not sure what the under-the-map glitch is, basically, the map can have some textures that look normal but you can walk through. This allows you to go under the confines of the map, see the other players, and shoot them.

Reddit user jmophoto alerted the official Warzone forum with a simple warning message: “I regret to inform you all that the under-the-map exploits are back

In an attached video, the player was running around in the ‘Fields’ Bunker, and a few seconds into the footage we saw them getting mercilessly gunned down by a possibly spectral force. Upon closer inspection of the footage, you realize that wasn’t the case.

In the Killcam, the opponent was clearly located somewhere under the map and wasn’t visible, yet they were able to shoot the player without any repercussions.

The comments for the video were all pretty similar with one person saying: “Is anyone really surprised?” and another commenting: “Haha same old with this game.”

As with all these glitches, once they gain some exposure, we expect Raven will patch it and prevent players from exploiting the area. Then you have to hope this is the last instance of under-the-map glitches in Warzone.

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