Warzone Rebirth Island wall glitch is shaking up popular POI

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone Rebirth Island wall glitch is shaking up popular POIActivision

One of Warzone’s most popular modes is Rebirth Island. Players can drop into the fast-paced map with multiple lives and chances to win. However, a new wall glitch is creating chaos at the popular Harbor POI. 

If players ever get tired of the same old Battle Royale mode, then turning to Rebirth Resurgence is always a great option.

With multiple lives and easier ways to get a Loadout Drop, this mode is a fun way for players to go for high kill games and capture insane clips.

With a ton of different landing spots, there are many ways to attack the island but this new glitch spot at Harbor is bound to cause some havoc.

Rebirth IslandActivision
Warzone players can drop into Rebirth Island and land at Harbor for some good loot, but need to beware of a new wall glitch.

Warzone glitch spot at Rebirth Island Harbor

Wall glitches are no stranger to Warzone, with more recognizable ones on Verdansk at Train Station or Airport, they can be extremely annoying.

This Reddit clip posted ‘TheVerbalSpaghetti’ showcases a new wall glitch spot, but this time at Harbor on Rebirth Island. While Harbor is rather small, lots of teams tend to rotate there, after looting from Chemical, setting up a big fight.

In this clip, you can see the player jump up on top of a cabinet and then proceed to go prone inside of two boxes. It appears that when the play goes prone it puts them on top of the boxes but when positioned a certain way, they sink into them becoming hidden in plain sight.


While the player in there they are able to fire their gun can see perfectly fine, but other players will not notice them until it’s too late.

Warzone players are worried that people can be posted up there waiting for them to run into the building. Since it is nearly impossible to notice a player is there, it will likely end in death while the person abusing this spot will get a win.