Warzone players furious over removal of popular modes in Season 3

Daniel Cleary

Call of Duty: Warzone players have been voicing their anger after popular the popular Trios playlist was removed from the battle royale game.

Since Warzone was first released on March 10, it has enjoyed a lot of praise, and a rocketing player base too, partly thanks to being totally free-to-play.

But, when the Season 3 update dropped on April 8, some players were left disappointed, even as the much-requested Quads mode was added. Compared to last year’s Blackout, the playlists on offer have been cut with the new four-person mode added.

Warzone players are not happy with the removal of popular modes such as Trios.

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The original Trios playlist was removed in the April 8 update, which kicked off Season 3, and many players have criticized Infinity Ward’s decision to remove the option designed for parties of three.

Despite the fact that a new Quads playlist has taken its place, many were unhappy with the change, calling for each of the different playlists to remain permanent so that they would not have to use the Squad fill feature.

“Why would you add Quads, but remove Trios?! We want Solos, Duos, Trios, AND Quads, not just 1 or 2 options,” Reddit user u/lWooooool expressed, “I’m not sure why it’s so hard to just leave all of the modes in the game.”

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Another Reddit user, u/GeneralBrothers, who also received a lot of support for their post, called for Infinity Ward to compromise and maintain at least three playable options for Warzone fans.

“Solos, Duos, and Squads is the right way to do it,” they explained, revealing why they thought Trios playlist isn’t necessary: “you can play a fair game alone or with a friend, and being a squad of 3 in a 4-man squad game is not a big deal.”

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Many suggested that it was likely that Infinity Ward had chosen to keep a select few modes available in order to improve the matchmaking experience. If players are split across too many playlists, it can result in longer wait times to find a match, and worse connections when in a game.

As it stands the only modes playable in Warzone are Solos and Quads, and while it is unclear what Infinity Ward has planned for the future, it will be difficult to find the right balance and please everyone.

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