Warzone players frustrated as The Boys skin is just “new Roze”

Jacob Hale
Black Noir skin in Warzone 2

Warzone players have expressed their frustration with the latest The Boys collaboration, as one of the skins in the bundle has been dubbed the “new Roze,” a call-back to the iconic Warzone skin that dominated Verdansk for so long.

Back in the day, just about everybody used the Roze skin, an all-black outfit that allowed players to sneak up on opponents or hide in the darkness.

It became seriously frustrating for players as enemies appeared as if from out of nowhere, out of the darkness and mowing them down with haste.

There were multiple nerfs to the Roze skin, though they never really changed things all that much, until later in the Caldera lifecycle when it became less effective. With the launch of Warzone 2 (now just known as Warzone), old skins such as Roze were removed, seemingly getting rid of the problem — until now.

Black Noir is “new Roze”

On Monday, July 10, Warzone’s collaboration with Amazon Prime Video TV show The Boys was made official, bringing not only Black Noir but also Homelander and Starlight to the Call of Duty battle royale hit.

However, as soon as the skins were revealed ahead of Season 4 Reloaded, many Warzone players and streamers were instantly worried about Black Noir.

“Black Noir will be Roze 2.0 I fear,” said CDLPal on Twitter.

Lyonz simply said that “this will be the new Roze skin.”

Meanwhile, Call of Duty League organization Toronto Ultra posted saying that it’s “about to be Roze skin 8.0.”

Evidently there are some serious concerns from the Call of Duty community that Black Noir could be an issue in the game, but only time will tell whether it becomes an actual problem that needs to be addressed.