Warzone players discover unique ways to avoid frustrating Gas Mask issue

. 2 years ago

Warzone’s often-annoying Gas Mask animation can get you killed in a split second, though it turns out, there are a few ways to avoid it altogether.

Gas Masks can be the reason behind your downfall in Warzone due to the brief animation that takes over when entering or exiting the circle. The game puts your weapons away and prevents you from firing while putting the mask over your head. Often, this can lead to nothing but frustration.

This simple animation has caused all sorts of issues but there are a few surprising ways to avoid it. Here’s how you can stay safe in the gas without taking the time to manually put the mask on.

Infinity Ward
Gas Masks allow players to stand inside the gas for a few seconds without taking damage.

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Using Akimbo weapons to avoid the animation.

The first unique trick to avoid the Gas Mask animation in Warzone doesn’t ask a lot of players. All you’ll need is a custom class with an Akimbo loadout at the ready, as Reddit user ‘six3sixkawi’ showcased.

Numerous weapons in Modern Warfare’s arsenal can be tweaked with a special Akimbo perk. This prevents you from aiming down the sights but gives you two of the same weapon to hip-fire. 

Since both of your hands are already preoccupied carrying the weapon of your choice, it means that a Gas Mask can’t be manually equipped. However, the game will still put the protective gear on for you if you’re sprinting with the weapons out. 

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Heartbeat Sensors can prevent Gas Mask frustration

Another useful strategy to avoid the brief animation is to equip something a little more useful in the moment – A Heartbeat Sensor.

Found around Verdansk, this piece of equipment can be pulled up at any time to view the location of nearby enemies. It turns out, looking at the Heartbeat Sensor can also negate the Gas Mask animation too.

If you have the equipment in-hand while transitioning in or out of the safe zone, your Gas Mask will instantly be equipped without any hassle.

While this method does still put away your primary weapon for a brief moment, it’s much quicker and safer than the typical Gas Mask animation. It could also give you valuable intel in the closing moments of a game.

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If you’ve been caught out in the open fumbling with a Gas Mask in Warzone, these strategies could be just what you’ve been looking for. 

You may have to change your play style, or look for loot you wouldn’t otherwise pick up. But the benefits might just save your life in the long run.

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