Warzone players demand return of classic battle pass items and bundles

Warzone Store Bundles SkinActivision

Warzone players are calling on Activision and Raven to re-introduce old battle pass items and bundles to the game’s store, allowing players who missed out the first time round to acquire them. 

Warzone’s eclectic and diverse skins have attracted praise from its massive player base, with many fans enjoying the ability to run around Verdansk as Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Rambo’ or as Bruce Willis’ infamous Die Hard protagonist John McClane.

However, a number of popular skins have come and gone, with little prospect of players who missed them being able to acquire them anytime soon.

Naturally, there are calls for Warzone to implement a similar system to the one coming to Apex Legends in Season 11 – that will see old skins and bundles re-introduced to the store after some time.

Rambo & John McClaneActivision
We could yet see more ambitious crossovers come to Warzone.

A number of Redditors highlighted skins they want to see return – including Modern Warfare operator Yegor and the infamous Roze skin.

One Redditor pointed out the similar system Halo Infinite will bring, saying: “A lot of games do this, usually six months after they are done. Halo Infinite will have an infinite battle pass too. Plus you will be able to change progress on different battle passes.”

Another added: “I really, really want them to for more seasons. I didn’t play didn’t the MW-era Warzone and am pissed I can’t get any of that stuff when I want so much of it. I really hope they do it for other seasons too.”

However, others were hesitant to see such a system implemented, arguing it would negate the effort some players went to in order to unlock the skins in the first place.

It’s a fair argument, with certain skins becoming sought-after because of their one-time-only availability.

We’ll have to see how this one develops, but its implementation in rival titles means clamor for it will probably continue to grow.