Apex Legends battle pass rewards set for major change in Season 11

Connor Bennett
Apex Legends Season 10 skin sliding around

Apex Legends’ battle pass rewards could be set for a big change in Season 11 as Respawn opens up the chance for players to grab missed cosmetics. 

Just like its battle royale rivals, Apex Legends operates a battle pass system for each season. With each new battle pass, a whole raft of cosmetics and items are introduced to the game and players scramble to collect them all.

With Apex becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the rise of hackers in Warzone, players want the chance to get old cosmetics that they may have missed out on.

For long-time players, they’d rather these be exclusive to those fans who unlocked them at the time. Though, that could be all set to change in Season 11.

Horizon Apex Legends battle pass
Respawn Entertainment
Like plenty of other BR’s, Apex has a battle pass system for rewards.

As Apex Legends leaker Garret pointed out, Respawn’s FAQ page about the battle pass and cosmetics has been updated to change some wording around older items.

Previously, the answer stated that the start of Season 10 would signal a change to the battle pass, bringing older cosmetics back through events or the item store. Now, however, it states that it’ll change in Season 11.

Additionally, the new change states that event-limited items – cosmetics from collection and themed events – may also return in a similar fashion. As the leaker says, this wasn’t the case prior to Season 10, so it’s an even bigger shift from Respawn.

Why the switch from Season 10 introducing the change to it now coming in Season 11 is anyone’s guess, but it also seemingly signals an increase in events moving forward.

It also remains to be seen if items released prior to Season 11 will be available once again, or if Respawn will make items from the first 10 seasons completely untouchable.