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Warzone players demand Kar98k nerf as “low-skill” sniper still dominates in Season 6

Published: 9/Oct/2021 21:40

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone has been dominated by many different weapons but one has been prominent in every update. In Season 6, the Kar98k is once again the most popular weapon and players are demanding a nerf for this over-tuned sniper. 

There has been a great debate over which sniper is the best when it comes to Warzone. The Kar always seems to come out on top of that discussion.

The sniper has incredible range along with high damage, making it really good in Rebirth Island along with normal BR modes.

Although it has been an extremely popular weapon, Warzone players want it changed as they feel it is overpowered and unfair to use.


Warzone gameplay
The Kar98k has been one of the most popular weapons in Warzone for a long time.

Warzone players call for nerf to Kar98k amid Season 6 popularity

After spending most of Season 5 as the second most picked weapon in Warzone, the Kar98k has taken its throne back at the top according to WZRanked.

While this sniper continues to dominate the game as the best one in the class, players once again are rallying for a change to come to this beloved gun. A Reddit post by ‘DefunctHunk_COD’ brings up another clip showing off its low flinch.

The Kar98k needs more flinch. This is ridiculous. from CODWarzone

In this clip, you can see that the Kar has zero flinch while getting shot at. This is leading people to call the weapon “low-skill” and “broken” as it is really forgiving to use.


Another person argued that flinch is broken on all weapons and said, “I think flinch should be equal for every gun regardless or attachments.” Even though this seems unlikely to happen, Warzone players seem to like that idea.

The community has been rallying for months now, as the Kar can be one of the noob-friendliest weapons in all of Warzone. Despite the effort, it doesn’t seem Raven Software will make a change but players are still hopeful.