Aydan left embarrassed after hilarious Warzone aim assist mistake

. 9 months ago
Aydan Warzone streamer
YouTube: Aydan/Activision

Call of Duty superstar Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad is known for his impossibly precise aiming but this Warzone blunder might send him back to the training grounds. 

When the topic of conversations turns to Warzone’s best players, it is impossible to not mention the feats of Aydan. The former Fortnite pro has become one of the richest Warzone players in the world and regularly destroys lobbies with ease while using non-meta weapons.

He is constantly mentioned as, perhaps, the best controller player of all-time given his feats in two different battle royales.

However, as good as he is, sometimes he makes slip-ups like the rest of us that make him seem pretty mortal.

STG44 in Vanguard
Warzone is introducing new WW2-themed weapons ahead of Vanguard’s launch in November.

Aydan needs an assist

Hunting down his rivals, with a meaty 10 kills under his belt during his October 8 stream, Aydan’s game was set up for him to take home yet another easy dub with a high kill game.

Though, he decided to ditch the help of aim assist and just take players down without a helping hand.

Despite being aware of his enemy and landing the first few shots, Aydan’s aim couldn’t stay true as he was mowed down with ease. “Put that back on,” he quickly said as he hilariously scurried to return to the comfort of aim-assist.

“Yep…Yep,” he continued, clearly hiding a bit of embarrassment behind his muted emotions.

While this brief slip-up in his impressive career won’t phase him anytime soon, perhaps Aydan will set some time aside to hone his unassisted aiming skill before trying that one again.

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