Underused Warzone SMG might be better than meta Bullfrog

Ak74u in WarzoneActivision

As Warzone’s meta shifts again in Season 6, there’s an underused SMG that could actually be better than meta choices like the Bullfrog so long as you run the right loadout and class. 

Warzone’s meta has constantly shifted as Raven Software make changes. In the early days, snipers with thermal scopes ruled the roost, but they were quickly cycled out for LMGs and Assault Rifles.

In Black Ops Cold War, it’s pretty much been all about the KAR-98 and running an SMG as your sidearm – with the MAC-10 and Bullfrog being the most recent go-to choices.

With some players growing bored of the meta, they’re always looking for something different, even if it’s just for a few games. Though, if the stats are to be believed, the AK-74u might be worth picking up as your new go-to SMG.

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The AK74u is a great option in Cold War, and it could be sneaking into the Warzone meta too.

The true power of the weapon was highlighted by Warzone stats guru TrueGameData, who noted that while the AK-74u has a slightly lower fire rate compared to the Bullfrog, it makes up for it in other ways.

When it comes to damage and range, the AK-74u has a slight advantage in both categories – with a huge advantage in shots that register to the neck, stomach, and extremities. Throw on the 50 round magazine for the 74u, and it actually gains a bigger advantage as well. That helps it in the TTK stakes too, where the 74U has another small leg up.

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As for recoil and speed, the Bullfrog may appear to have an easier to control recoil, but as TGD points out, that’s not necessarily the case as the AK-74u’s recoil is pretty manageable, as long as the set-up is right.

TrueGameData AK-74u Warzone loadout class

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Patrol Grip
  • Magazine: Spetsnaz 50 round drum
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Grip: Speed Tape

One other big factor that has seen the AK-74u drop to 27th on WZRanked’s popularity charts is the iron sights. Of course, you can throw on a scope, but that takes up a much-needed attachment.

As TGD points out, throwing on the Taskforce barrel and GRU Suppressor will actually alter the iron sights and make it much cleaner, thus being more attractive for some players.

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Additionally, taking your current Bullfrog build and tossing it on to the AK-74u may also increase your love for the weapon, so give it a swing in a game or two at least.