Warzone players confused as Pacific uses Modern Warfare engine instead of Vanguard

Warzone Pacific Caldera mapActivision

Warzone players have been left confused after it was confirmed that Pacific and the new Caldera map will not switch over to the CoD: Vanguard engine and technology, despite what was previously believed.

The Vanguard integration with Warzone has been hotly anticipated for some time now. With a fresh map and a major overhaul to the battle royale title, players have been eager to sink their teeth into it since it was announced.

With the first Warzone Pacific Season 1 patch notes now out, gameplay on show and a series of announcements, though, some questions have been raised about the game.

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The main one of these is around the engine in Warzone, and it’s left people a little confused.

Hotel Royal map in Call of Duty VanguardActivision
How much of Vanguard will be implemented into Warzone?

In the past, Activision and developers Raven said that Warzone Pacific would be sharing Vanguard’s tech and engine, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Based on the early gameplay from top YouTubers and streamers, the game seems to be sticking with the Modern Warfare mechanics that made it so popular.

Call of Duty League caster and former pro player Joe ‘Merk’ DeLuca was one of the first to respond, saying that he was “confused” about what was happening with the engine and mechanics.

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For many players, this meant one thing, and they’re letting their voices be heard in response to the idea that a FOV slider on console might still not be coming.

“No FOV confirmed” wrote one respondent to CharlieINTEL’s tweet, and a search for ‘Warzone FOV’ on Twitter will get many complaints of the same nature.

This has left players asking the question, though, of why the engine and mechanics haven’t been shifted to that of Vanguard, rather than Modern Warfare’s 2019 movement.

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While this might help with continuity, it definitely isn’t what people were expecting.