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Warzone players call for simple Apex Legends map feature to be added

Published: 27/Jan/2022 14:10

by Andrew Highton


Caldera is Warzone’s main map at present, with many liking it, and some hating it. But players believe that Activision and Raven should put their heads together and find a way to incorporate a simple Apex Legends map feature to improve matters.

Maps are an integral part of a battle royale game, because if you only have one map, then it needs to be a good one. Fortnite has managed to keep itself consistently fresh for several years now by changing up its POIs and overhauling the map at times.

Whereas Apex Legends has maintained its popularity by having several maps in and out of rotation. Olympus, World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, and Storm Point means players have four different, full-sized maps to enjoy.


Warzone has Caldera, a smaller map in Rebirth Island, and ditched Verdansk for Warzone Pacific. But players feel that Warzone could get a much-needed content boost by adopting Apex’s formula.

world's edge map in apex
Respawn Entertainment
Apex has plenty of maps to go around.

Reddit user u/duffwardo posed a very simple question to the Warzone community: “Would adding timed map rotations into Warzone improve the game?”

Respawn Entertainment does a good job of having its different maps on rotation, meaning that players shouldn’t really get bored, and helps the game not become stale and repetitive. In terms of full-scale battle royale maps, Caldera is the only one in Warzone.
Along with the post’s question, they also posted a picture containing Verdansk, the updated Verdansk 84′ version, and Caldera.
Lots of comments were in favor of this suggestion, mainly because it would bring back Verdansk, and many players are constantly campaigning for the map to come back.
However, an obvious flaw was discussed with regards to having Caldera, Verdansk, and Rebirth Island all operating simultaneously. “That would be cool, BUT DO YOU REALISE HOW GIGANTIC WARZONE WOULD BE?”
The game has attracted a lot of criticism in the past for taking up too much space on console hard drives, leaving room for very little else. Another point to consider is that Raven Software has said before that Verdansk is gone and will not return to the game.
As with anything, you can never say never, and the map could always return in some capacity, especially if Warzone’s numbers drop as players crave the OG map.