Warzone players blast the most “diabolical” meta that made them quit

Kurt Perry
DMR 14 hung on loadout screen in call of duty warzone

Following complaints from members of the Warzone 2 community about the current meta, a fan has reminded players about the “diabolical,” DMR meta.

As with any competitive shooter, both Warzone and Warzone 2 have seen countless metas come and go. Players are always trying to figure out which guns, perks, and attachments can give them the edge.

Warzone 2’s current meta has seen a mix of rifles, SMG, and snipers used with full auto guns making up the majority of the battle royale game’s most used weapons.

However, that wasn’t always the case with some metas favoring less conventional firearms such as shotguns and DMRs. It’s a reminder of the latter that has gotten the Warzone community talking.

Warzone players remember DMR 14 meta

A Warzone fan posted a Reddit thread reminding the community of what many players consider the battle royale’s worst-ever meta.

The post reads: “If you know, you know… You had to be there,” with an image of both the DMR 14 and MAC-10 from Black Ops Cold War attached.

Responding to the post, one user said: “People have a really short memory this was HELL on earth.”

Another fan followed up by explaining why the meta was so divisive: “One mag. 200m away. Delete an entire quad out of a moving vehicle before they could hit the brakes lmao.”

The general consensus on the DMR meta seems to be negative with another player posting: “Yeah it was diabolical. Loads of the lads I played Warzone with quit during the DMR meta and never came back haha.”

Some other players didn’t mind the meta as much but felt it lasted too long: “The DMR meta was the most broken sh*t ever, TTK was zero. It was kinda funny for a week, but it went on way too long.”

The DMR 14 meta was Warzone’s first meta following the integration of Black Ops Cold War weapons. The controversial marksman rifle would receive multiple nerfs following this meta with its headshot damage reduced and recoil increased.

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