Warzone players blast servers as “worse than ever” after Season 3 update

Joe Craven
Warzone Gunfight Season 3

Warzone players have claimed that the battle royale’s servers are “worse than ever” following the Season 3 update, stating that lag and packet loss problems are happening even more frequently. 

Season 3 of Warzone dropped on April 27, bringing a plethora of changes to Caldera, Rebirth Island, and all the weapons and equipment that inhabits them.

Snipers are far from as strong as they were and new POIs like Peak, Dig Site and Shipwreck are pushing players to Caldera’s perimeter.

However, players are suggesting that the update has actually brought issues in terms of Warzone’s servers and player connection.

Warzone Season 3 Dig Site POI
Dig Site is the major new POI in Season 3, but it’s far from the only map change.

One player, Redditor ‘Salt-Loan1327‘ claimed that the servers are “worse than ever” following the Season 3 update. They said: “I feel like I’m lagging but am running 19 ping usually, I can’t exactly explain it but I know something has been off for a few weeks now.”

While major patches like seasonal updates seek to fix bugs, they often have unintended consequences that can occasionally be to the game’s detriment.

Other players suggested similar, with one saying: “[I] can’t even enjoy a decent session without running into constant flat/missing textures, no footstep audio, and unreal lag, stuttering and packet burst. I constantly lose aim assist mid-fight and literally cannot see people because of the missing textures.”

A third player suggested it occurs when they are in an area of the map populated by other players, saying: “50%+ of the games for anywhere from 1-5 minutes I run at like 10fps at stutter like crazy, makes dropping anywhere worthwhile completely useless because I can’t drop anywhere there’s going to be people.”

Raven are yet to respond but we can expect to see some quick follow-up patches to address issues caused by Season 3’s patch. Hopefully, that will reduce the frequency of lag and packet loss problems.

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