Warzone player’s best man offer goes horribly wrong in hilarious fashion

James Busby
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A Warzone player had their best man proposal interrupted in-game, leading to a hilarious clip that demonstrates just how hectic Call of Duty’s battle royale can get. 

For many, Warzone has become a place for players to catch up with their friends and grind out late-night battle royale sessions. Communication amongst teammates is incredibly important, especially because things can quickly descend into chaos. However,  there are times where the action can be a little quiet. 

It is during these lulls that conversations can branch into areas outside of the game. Well, that’s exactly what one player did when he decided to ask their friend to become the best man at his wedding. What followed was a hilarious clip that perfectly captures the sheer unpredictability of Verdansk.

Warzone player best man proposal

Warzone Plunder Ghost AK47 Money Fire Final
Warzone can get pretty hectic, which makes best man proposals rather tricky to pull off.

Like all battle royale titles, peacetime never lasts for long in Warzone. This is especially true when you’re trekking through enemy-filled territory. After opening the map and assessing where they needed to go, both players began to run towards the airfield. However, it was during this time that one player decided to make his best man proposal. 

“Tom, while I have you here, I have an important question for you. So, we don’t know when we’re getting married, but would you do me the honor of being my best man.” While the delivery of this proposal seems fine at first, the conversation quickly erupted into screams as both players began to take incoming fire. 

Chaos quickly ensued as a barrage of bullets came streaking their way, cutting both players down, and eliminating them from the action. Despite being defeated and sent reeling back to the lobby screen, there was a happy ending. The future bridegroom stated that “once we stopped laughing he said yes.” 

It’s certainly one of the most comical clips we’ve had from Warzone, and we’re sure to get many more when the Pacific map arrives later this month.